Is Mathematics the Language of Nature?

6 November 2008–2 August 2009


Many structures and relationships in our world can be described effectively with the help of mathematics. Why is this so? Do hidden mathematical rules and laws underlie all of nature? Or is mathematics a human invention, a tool for obtaining a better understanding of the world?

mathema demonstrates the application of mathematics to our daily lives, including its artistic and philosophical aspects. Five “theme rooms” present the development of mathematical understanding in a variety of epochs and cultures, helping us to understand mathematical phenomena almost effortlessly.


People playing roulette in the exhibition

Theme Room "Chance"                                                 © Clemens Kirchner


Discover hidden mathematical structures in our world and find your own answers to the question of the relationship between mathematics and nature.

In addition to numerous opportunities for hands-on interaction, there is an extensive companion program with demonstrations, workshops, tours, lectures, and much more.

The mathema exhibition is taking place in conjunction with the scientific year 2008 “Mathematics, Everything That Counts.” The exhibition’s patron is Dr. Annette Schavan, minister of education and research.


View into the theme room "limits"

Theme Room "Limits"                                                    © Clemens Kirchner